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The Algorithm series melds ancient and modern. Centuries ago, people made ritual sacrifices to various gods, hoping to earn the gods’ favor and ensure good outcomes for their efforts.

One day, after lamenting to a fellow artist about the difficulty of getting my work seen online, I was struck by the sudden realization that we, modern creators, are doing the exact same thing as the ancients. We are exchanging folk wisdom about how to placate the gods – or in this case, the social media algorithms.


None of us really knows what works, the algorithm gods are capricious, and we tend to blame ourselves for bad outcomes (I guess I didn’t do the ritual right).

The Algorithm series reflects this reality (or is it unreality?)  I took some old watercolors (and made some new ones after I ran out), imagined myself as the voice of The Algorithm, and handed down some not-terribly-comforting words of “wisdom,” which I printed on top of the paintings in a highly authoritative font using a pigment-based inkjet printer. Each one is unique.

Algorithm paintings currently available for sale are here 

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