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I create art - mostly paintings -  exploring themes from science and medicine, including images such as viruses, bacteria, and plant and animal cells. I’ve looked at how these organisms affect humans, and in turn how we affect them, through climate change, antibiotic use and other impacts on the earth.


I find watercolor to be an ideal medium for this type of work because it can be transparent or translucent, allowing me to hint at what is happening beneath the surface.  Watercolor also naturally flows into fractal patterns such as those seen in the nervous and circulatory systems, as well as in tree branches and river systems – in fact, everywhere in nature.


Beyond the visual and structural elements, engaging with science through the prism of art lets me grapple with big, endlessly-opening topics, like what it means to be alive, to be human, and to belong in a natural and social environment.

I'm a self-taught painter with an educational background in the social sciences. I have no academic qualifications in either fine art or science. I sell my work on etsy, in gallery shows, at festivals and at whatever science conferences will have me.  


I live in Washington, DC, and on the internet.

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Click here to see pictures of my cat.

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