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Watercolor and Ink paintings inspired by the brain. Many of these pieces allude to learning and memory. Some include literary passages about memory and consciousness. 

Ink on yupo with Dostoevsky quote and an overlay of neuron images

Awaken to Reality, Ink on Yupo with Overlay, 2022

Watercolor 2023 Single pyramidal neuron on a green and blue gradient  By Michele Banks

Pyramidal Neuron After Cajal, 2023

Watercolor, 2022 Blue Brain with Lotus image

Blue Lotus Brain, Watercolor, 2022

Watercolor of different brain cells in a grid

Neurons in Lavender and Blue, 2020

Rainbow Brain Watercolor, 2022   Watercolor of brain with multicolored dots

Rainbow Brain, 2022

Ink on Yupo, 2019   A single brain cell in blue and black ink on yupo (poly paper)

Purkinje Cell, Ink on Yupo, 2019

Brain Scan 22 Ink on Yupo, 2020  Brain scan images in blue and black ink

Brain Scan 22 Ink on Yupo, 2020

Ink on Yupo, 2022  Layered ink painting with brain scan image and quote from Marcus Aurelius

Quality of Thought, Ink on Yupo, 2022

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