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We are surrounded by an invisible world full of microscopic marvels. These watercolor and ink paintings celebrate bacteria and viruses, without which no life would exist on earth.

zone of resistance, petri dish art

Zone of Resistance Mixed Media 2016

Watercolor Bacteria and Viruses

Hosts and Invaders Watercolor 2016

Petri Dishes Watercolor Collage

Petri Dishes 1 Watercolor Collage 2011

Round watercolor inspired by plant structures

Purple Vessel, Watercolor, 2023

Bacteriophage (virus) in black and blue ink

Bacteriphage in Indigo and Black, Ink on Yupo, 2022

Watercolor of bacteria and Viruses in grid

Beautiful But Deadly, Watercolor, 2022

Petri dishes with watercolor on aluminum panels

Culture Dishes, Mixed Media, 2014

Watercolor microbes in grid

Blue Microbes, Watercolor, 2022

coronavirus watercolor in bright pastel shades

Variants, Watercolor, 2022

coronavirus in red and black ink on yupo

Red Coronavirus, Ink on Yupo, 2022

ink painting based on slime mold Physarum polycephalum

Slime Mold in Purple and Blue, 2023, Ink on Yupo

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