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Climate Change 

My work on climate change, including ink paintings, sculpture and mixed media, was featured in the 2014 exhibition "Voyage of Discovery" at the American Association for the Advancement of Science 

ink on mylar painting of abstracted coatline

From Micro/Macro 2014, Ink on Mylar

Arctic Bride: Wedding gown with green and dark growth

The Arctic Bride Mixed Media Installation 2017

Ink painting on mylar or abstacted melting ice

From the series Micro/Macro, 2014 Ink on Mylar

sculpture in fused plastic on tubes

Core, Drill, Spill 2014 Mixed Media by Michele Banks, Jessica Beels and Ellyn Weiss

Fabric Installation going from light and smooth to dark and tangled

Waning Albedo, 2014 By Michele Banks, Jessica Beels and Ellyn Weiss Textile Installation

Wall of protists made of lab glassware

Protista Borosilicata 2014 Mixed media installation with lab glassware

Petri Dishes with watercolor and glue

Culture Dishes: Soil 2014 Mixed media with watercolor, petri dishes on aluminum panels

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